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                                                                  Shijiazhuang Boda Plastic Chemical Co.,Ltd.

                                                                  Address:Dongduzhuang industrial area.Xizhaotong town,Chang'an district of Shijiazhuang City

                                                                  Post Code:050036

                                                                  Website: http://www.fostergiftshop.com


                                                                   Sell Department Ⅰ   Mr. Harry Feng

                                                                  Tel :  +86 311 85099588;  Mail:  yabofeng@sjzbodapack.com.cn


                                                                  Sell Department    Mr. Artest Guo

                                                                  Tel: +86 311 68058954;  Mail:  artest.guo@sjzbodapack.com.cn

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                                                                  Workshop of Extruder
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                                                                  Workshop of Big Bag
                                                                  Workshop of Extruder Ad.Starliner Back Seam Bag
                                                                  Workshop of the newest Ad.Starlinger Blank Bottom
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